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This week I visit Dave at Ride Brewing Co. Dave has embarked on a new project which involves Late Night Hype Brewing Co based in Clydebank and Bute Brew Co, who will all be brewing in the new facility in the Gorbals in 2019.
The facility will be the first of its kind in Scotland with a special focus on accessibility and providing jobs for people with disabilities.
Dave sites Spotlight Brewing as his favourite brewery and inspiration for this project.
His first Brew in the new facility will be his Raspberry Wit.

I then spoke to Simon from Bute Brew Co. I know what you`re thinking.... Isle of Bute isn`t Glasgow?
Well, while Bute Brew Co look for new premises on Bute they will be brewing at the Glasgow Brewery Collective site.
Anyway, Bute Brew Co tend to specialize in the Cask beer market and have a large range of beers including their next brew Scalpsie Blonde.
Simon previously worked for St Andrews Brewing Company and has a wealth of knowledge in both brewing and distilling.

Sam from Late Night Hype was up next. Based currently in Clydebank and looking forward to the next venture with the Glasgow Brewing Collective, Late Night Hype have created a range of brews from stouts to Barrel aged Saisons.
Sam grew up drinking cask beer and loves the outdoors, when i asked him about where he likes to drink beer he said " anywhere outside with a view".
Late Night Hypes next brew is a golden ale called `Coorie Doon`.

Check out the involved breweries beer reviews on UNTAPPD below.
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